A Super Easy App to Turn Hand Drawn Shapes into Vector Format

I had to share this; it’s too handy to ignore. Have you ever needed to transfer a handwritten signature into an electronic format for a corporate letter, or for various projects? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that file were a vector shape, making it easy to manipulate and resize? Now you can turn that awesome hand-drawn lettering into a vector format within minutes! Recently, I started experimenting with Adobe Capture, a mobile app offered through the online Adobe Creative Suite subscription. It has quickly become my favorite new trick in my designer tool belt. All it takes is a simple snap of any handwritten sketch using your smart phone or tablet (black marker on white paper works best), and voila: It is “vectorized!” Also, if you sync your mobile and desktop applications, those shapes, patterns, colors and even new brushes you’ve created load directly into your CC library! Now designers can sketch using an “old school” approach (e.g., doodling on a napkin at a diner when creativity sparks), then immediately snap a photo and turn it into a vector to email to a client. You can exercise creative genius before your eggs and coffee are served! Please note that I have neither been paid nor incentivized by Adobe in any way; I’m simply extremely excited about this app, and felt compelled to share this information.[/html][/fluid]
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