Rebecca Adolf, Professional Creative.

This website is my online showcase of professional and personal work.
I consider myself to be a “Professional Creative” because my skills are not limited to design, but also include front-end web development, painting, writing, photography and business. I believe in being a well-rounded creative: design, build and oversee the development of websites and print projects, manage a development department, handle sales from the very beginning, write articles to help young designers develop their business skills and paint to keep my fine arts skills honed.

As a design dynamo I make Photoshop bend to my will, master manipulator of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and a speed demon on turnaround time. I “geek-out” over fonts and cool programming tricks, I constantly look for inspiration from my environment, I always have major excitement about projects and thrive off of helping others succeed in the field of design. That is why I am passionate about design, write industry articles, speak to groups and mentor.

I have the pleasure of working with a very eclectic group of clients, affording me a large body of work and experience. Working at all levels and filling several roles (Salesperson, Designer, Developer, Project Manager and Photographer) has made me a stronger professional.

10+ Years of Experience              100+ Clients               60+ Websites

Recent Work