Currently, I am in Marketing at Follett School Solutions. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, cooking and spending quality time with my husband, baby boy, cat and dogs.

Practical Artist

I am a unique breed of what I refer to as a “Practical Artist”, which stems from my mother who is a puppeteer (damenavenuepuppeteers.com) and my father who is a lawyer; a mix of creative and business DNA. So my office is filled with crazy knickknacks, but neatly and strategically placed, which I fondly refer to as “organized creativity”.

Graphic Design, Graphic Design…

I decided to become a graphic designer because I always knew I would be an artist and from there, it was a matter of what type of art. When I discovered a career that combined my love for art and computers, one in which I could make money practicing, I was SOLD. It was my freshman year of high school when I took a print production course and first learned of graphic design. Every year in high school I would fill out a questionnaire, one question was “What is your future career?” I wrote down: graphic designer, graphic designer, graphic designer, graphic designer.

The Geek in Me

As I started developing websites, not only the look and feel, but the ability to code static websites and front-end of content management systems (CMS). I quickly learned the joy of search engine optimization and the affect on user behavior, from there my interest grew into multi-channel campaigns, creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and my marketing alter-ego was born.

Lovin’ What I Do

The best part about my work is creating and building. Especially when I create something my client loves! I’m proud my work represents their company and more importantly, when it brings in results such as a website generating sales.  I get excited or as I prefer to say “geek out” when I learn to build or implement a new web function flawlessly.

Pet Peeves

Lack of follow through, disorganization and failure to deliver on time or communicate. These guidelines, I emphasize upon my staff and vendors; reasons why I have long term relationships with clients.

Only Direction is Up

I see weaknesses as challenges. In High School, I was on the soccer team sophomore year; I will admit, I was the weakest player. After the season I attended the summer soccer camp and in my spare time I would run around a track with a soccer ball. Next year while at tryouts my old coach yelled out to me, “Rebecca, what happened?” and I responded, “What?” The coach then replied, “You turned around 110%.” That year I became a starter, and the following a Team Captain. I was also awarded MIP (Most Improved Player) on Varsity Drill Team. When I started my career, my writing was very weak. Recently, a friend of mine who proofs my articles complimented me that I have greatly improved. I continually work to improve myself, my company and helping others. I very often vocalize and offer to implement new suggestions and ideas at work. I’ve organized food and clothing drives, donated blood and showcased at local high school career days as well.
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