Why Work with an Online Marketer?

When improving your website and trying to build an Internet presence, learn the benefits of hiring an online marketing professional to help guide you.
With every business having a website (really it’s a must), the challenge is not only to be visually more impressive than your competition, but also to have a site that ranks higher in search results AND shows up in local searches AND has more positive online reviews AND converts visitors into leads. That is when buzzwords like “search engine optimization (SEO),” “online marketing,” “keywords” and “social media” come into play and where working with an online marketer/SEO expert is your best investment. Why you ask? Here are several reasons why an online marketing expert should be your new best friend.

I’ve Spent Countless Hours and No Results!!!

Anyone can post social media updates, write blog posts and even add keywords to their website, investing countless hours without results. Bring in a good online marketer (see white hat, black hat tactics below for explanation) and they will help evaluate what you have been doing and how to target those efforts to attract the right kind of crowd. Instead of casting a fishnet in a large ocean, we’ll teach you spear fishing in a river. More importantly, as a business owner, your time is better spent producing, growing, and selling; not posting the latest funny photo. Let us write and post industry related article to drive customers to your site who want to know more, and establish your company as a leading expert in your field of business.

Not a Project, It’s a Process

Sorry, but it’s true. There is no quick fix or one-time set-up to stay competitive online. Tuning up your website SEO will increase your traffic quickly, but it’s like owning a car. You will need oil changes and routine maintenance. A stagnant website without periodic updates, outbound marketing and new content will start slipping in search return rankings, falling pages down into the abyss. Keep in mind 32.5% of traffic on Google search returns goes to the first link, 17% of traffic in second position and downwards from there. (http://chitika.com/google-positioning-value)

White Hat, Black Hat Tactics

Truth is, there are “good” and “bad” ways to optimize a website and market online. The bad ways, known as black hat tactics, basically try to trick and deceive search engines through nefarious ways to rank higher. But Google is smart (really smart). Their algorithm is continually evolving (Panda, Penguin, I assume Panther or Polar Bear is next) to squash these deceptions and punish them. So, fair warning when looking for a online marketer. Ask them HOW they plan to increase your ranking. Never work with someone who “guarantees” and read Google’s tips on choosing an online marketer (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35291?hl=en). White hat tactics include trial and error through analyzing and evolving, building up content, creating useful information for targeted audiences and slowly building up quality traffic. A good online marketer stays up-to-date on the trends and tactics, and dives into the minds of their clients’ customers to understand their search trends and buying habits. There should be no cloak and dagger or smoke and mirrors when they explain to you what they are going to do and how they will do it.

Proactive Marketing

An online marketer will give their clients direction and provide ideas, implement and track progress. If you feel like you are getting “no results?,” you may not have properly set up a tracking system. Through custom analytics an online marketer can set up tracking of unique URLS and filter results to view the number of visitors, quality of search terms and number of conversions for a specific campaign. Results may then be compared to past website traffic to determine success and next steps for further improvement. We can measure and identify how your business gets attains customers online.

How much does it cost?

Online marketing is basically marketing in the digital age. If you work with a reputable design firm, expect to spend anywhere from $700 – $5,000 on a monthly retainer (remember it’s a process). Cost depends on the amount of services provided and work required. Here is a great article that explains cost breakdown in detail: http://www.searchenginewatch.com/article/2267471/How-Much-Should-You-Spend-on-SEO-Services So, if you are looking to maximize your online marketing efforts hire, a professional. An online marketer is a fresh set of expert and thinking that can identify opportunities and show results. Take advantage of a new strategy!
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