When Does a Business Need to Invest in a New Website?

Many clients may wonder and ask the question, “When do I need a new website?” A few quick answers, when your…

…copyright is last decade (“2009”)
…website search traffic is not going up, but down, down, down…
…website keeps having errors or downtime.
…competition’s website looks way cooler.

A business may hope for 10 years (or forever), but typically the lifespan of website technology is 3 – 5 years. Not only will a new look help refresh a business image, but the technology changes quickly. We have reached CSS3 and HTML5, while not every browser is up-to-date yet, it’s on the way. The latest coding will provide a faster working website. Speed and user-friendliness are just as important as the look and feel.

The web is also not restricted to desktops anymore, in the not so far off future Mobile Web Browsing (which includes smart phones and tablets.) will match, if not exceed the amount of traffic to a website on a desktop. It has even become a new standard and recommendation by Google that can affect your search rankings.

So the main sign it’s time to update a business website is to make sure mobile and tablets browsers experience optimal viewing.

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