How to Get Approached for Design Jobs on LinkedIn

A couple of years ago when I was thinking about changing companies, my brother-in-law, whom is also in the design field (web developer), kept mentioning how he was being approached by big companies for job positions. I asked him how are they contacting him, he responded LinkedIN. So I immediately I reviewed his profile to determine what he was doing to get noticed and figured out a few key tactics to improve my chances and it worked! In today’s market even with the high unemployment rate, finding experienced experts can be tough for employers, especially in a specialized field like design. Recruiters are using LinkedIN to proactively find candidates that fits the bill. Here are some tips to get on their radar:

Makes sure to include you contact information. (Duh!!) Do not make it hard to contact you or see your work.

Type Your Full Name and Link to Your Website Portfolio in Your Introduction Paragraph
Unless, the viewer has upgraded their account and are shelling out $100.00 a month for an executive profile. They will not see your full name or portfolio. This is a “cheat”, but it works.

Make sure to include all the pertinent skills (keywords) so you will show up in the search, but don’t lie about your skill level. Ex. “Advanced Knowledge of HTML, CSS, SEO. Beginner Level: PHP, JavaScript, Jquery”

Behance Plugin
You can create a Behance profile, connect it and show examples of your work right on your LinkedIN profile. It brings visuals to your profile and little extra.

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